May 16, 2006

Burn, Baby, Burn

The Batman: Inferno cover, at last.

The book itself is due out on Halloween, which seems timely given the various costumes. If anyone out there is a fan of both Batman and Blaise Cendrars, this book will be particularly chock-full of goodies; also featured are the Joker, Arkham Asylum, and a new villain whose name I am loath to disclose.


ajuss said...

i was wondering why there is no mention about "have robot, will travel" on your site, and no coverpicture on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Alex,

Hope all is well up in UMO-land. I was wondering if the book pictured is a mass market paperback, trade paperback, or hardcover. Thanks!

Jeff Pert
down here in Portland

Alex Irvine said...

ajuss: long story.

Hi Jeff--the Batman book will be a mass market.